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Workaholism In Humanity, and Why We Are Careening Towards A Globalized Disaster

To display his own might, Khal Drogo, a character from the Game of Thrones, walks into the blade swung by his opponent and lets it wound him. He displays his scar as a badge of honour, and receives adulation from his tribesmen. Eventually, however, he succumbs to the obviously developing infection. Society as a wholeContinue reading “Workaholism In Humanity, and Why We Are Careening Towards A Globalized Disaster”

The Moral and Prudential Superiority of a True Meritocracy

The topic for this article is a slightly controversial take- it intuitively seems wrong to consider any system apart from an egalitarian model as one that can prevail morally and prudentially. And who can fault those who reject such a notion without truly understanding the reasoning behind my proposal of the superiority of a meritocracy?Continue reading “The Moral and Prudential Superiority of a True Meritocracy”


Before moving into any substantive arguments, I feel like it is important to clarify one thing- the meaning of activism, and social change. Activism: The policy of campaigning to bring about sociopolitical change. It is commonly associated with progressives though I believe that the definition can be extended to anyone who fulfills the ‘criteria’. Thus,Continue reading “A BRIEF CRITICISM OF HUMANITY’S ROLE IN SOCIAL CHANGE”

Cracks In The Mask

A beam of sunlight enters the classroom, falling upon the teacher’s desk. The way the dust motes seem to dance around in the light truly fascinates me. It is as if fairies have come from a faraway land, just to lighten the sombre mood of the classroom and spread colour all around. How friendly ofContinue reading “Cracks In The Mask”

The Love-Hate Relationship Between Bitcoins And Governments

According to Merriam-webster, Bitcoin is “a digital currency created for use in peer-to-peer online transactions.” This basically means that direct transactions can take place without the interference of a central authority, electronically through what is called a ‘blockchain’. The creator of bitcoins is known by the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ but the gender, age, etc. ofContinue reading “The Love-Hate Relationship Between Bitcoins And Governments”


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